I got sucked in.

Extremely sucked in.

My bank account is zilch.

Or close to.

But I was charmed by the red-headed Children's International solicitor canvasser that convinced me to sponsor a child (girl) in a foreign country (Chile). I thought out encounter would be just like every other that I've had - a bad one. Where I would end up feeling like a terrible human being, and he would feel frustrated and vent his frustration by calling me a bitch because I would come up with some lame excuse for blowing him off.

Instead, he regaled horror stories of canvassing (spit and coffee from men in business suits) and humorous ones too (like the time he was hit on by a gay guy after being dumped by his girlfriend approximately a week ago).

He told me about his time working with child soldiers in Uganda and girls trafficked into prostitution in Thailand. He told me about how he pulled a total Felicity, by following a girlfriend from Boston to DC, giving up a full-ride to Northeastern. Then about how he did the same again later (this time following someone to Boston).

He spoke to my hopeless romantic hiding deep within my cynicism.

How could I say no to his freckles? His blonde eyelashes? His blue eyes? His inquiring about my background (but not prodding, it was polite)?His charming Italian-British name?

So yes, I agreed to sponsor a child. Even though I can barely sponsor myself.

He did leave his name, email and phone number on my "receipt," but I'm too chickenshit to call.

Maybe a text message? Email?
Perhaps just some safe Facebook stalking - without any actual friending involved.
Otherwise it's just a little too desperate.

Photo: Rupert Grint, obviously not the canvasser, but an attractive ginger nonetheless.


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