The United States of Valeria

I know! It sounds like it would probably be the best television show in the world that absolutely no one would watch.

Turns out that it actually sort of is. It's the greatest example that I can think of of second-hand embarrassment for myself.

During my final year as an undergrad at Emerson College, two dear friends of mine, Sarah Aaskov and Kayla Parker approached me with an idea to document my path towards American citizenship. I was game - and to be honest, they did a fabulous job putting together this mini (EVVY Award-Winning!) documentary about my path.

You should shower praise upon them - I know I do.

I got sucked in.

Extremely sucked in.

My bank account is zilch.

Or close to.

But I was charmed by the red-headed Children's International solicitor canvasser that convinced me to sponsor a child (girl) in a foreign country (Chile). I thought out encounter would be just like every other that I've had - a bad one. Where I would end up feeling like a terrible human being, and he would feel frustrated and vent his frustration by calling me a bitch because I would come up with some lame excuse for blowing him off.

I think living with my parents has emotionally stunted me. Actually, scratch that, I know it has emotionally stunted me.

After graduating from college, I didn't move back in with my parents, I merely continued to live with them. Yes, all four years of the "best years of my life" were spent at home with my mother and father. I love them dearly. They keep me on my toes with their Bonnie and Clyde, sado-masochistic, tragi-comedy love affair. But thanks to them generously providing me with a roof over my head, a comfortable bed (rent-free!), food, support, and everything that a parent should do, I'm a perpetual 13-year-old girl.

Va-Jay-Jay Jewels

No, I'm not talking about how your lady parts are jewels kept inside the sacred temple. Rather I'm showing a picture that I found via @schmiss of pendents being sold on Etsy meant to celebrate womanhood - but perhaps in a decidedly less tasteful manner than a Georgia O'Keefe painting.

Source: Woman in Bloom Etsy


The following is a twitter exchange between myself and @schmiss where we sexually objectify the son of the current Vice-President. The sexually attractive Attorney General of Delaware, Mr. Beau Biden.

What Does A Web Ad Say About Your Tech Saavy?

There's nothing quite like an election season.
The lack of sleep, the bitterness, the anger, the bitchiness, the back-stabbing and of course the campaign ads.

Right now, there's a race to fill Ted Kennedy's empty Senate seat. While the Democrats have been buying air time on television, the two Republican candidates have been sticking to the web.
Which brings me to this glorious gem that was released today:

The Gay Conversion of a Gay Film

Everyone's been a-buzz of Designer Tom Ford's Directorial Debut: A Single Man.

But now the oscar-buzzed film may soon face backlash from potential fans and possibly the LGBT community. It appears that the second trailer released for the film underwent a Gay Conversion ceremony and A Single Man turned into a story about a man and a women in love instead of Colin Firth getting it on with Matthew Goode.