The following is a twitter exchange between myself and @schmiss where we sexually objectify the son of the current Vice-President. The sexually attractive Attorney General of Delaware, Mr. Beau Biden.

@schmiss: RT @daveweigel: Whoa: Beau "son of Joe" Biden surges into lead in Delaware Senate race after Castle votes no on HCR. http://bit.ly/3pvS6

@maleria_withav: @schmiss i didn't realize that Beau was running for Senate. was it announced or just a rumor? or do ppl just want him to

@schmiss: @maleria_withav He hasn't gotten in yet but I think he has a committee set up to announce.

@maleria_withav: @schmiss !!!!!! #beaubiden4senate

@schmiss: @maleria_withav #beaubiden4mybedroomandthesenatelateriguess

@maleria_withav: THIS. RT @schmiss: @maleria_withav #beaubiden4mybedroomandthesenatelateriguess / @schmiss i really would not mind though. to be honest. #beaubiden4mybedroomandthesenatelateriguess

@schmiss: @maleria_withav We could share.

@maleria_withav: @schmiss I'm down. I get Monday, Wednesday, Friday - every other weekend? idk. we need a schedule.

@schmiss: @maleria_withav Maybe we can give him Sunday off for Mass. I'll take Saturday/Tuesday/Thursday then.

@maleria_withav: @schmiss perfect! a good boy needs to go to Mass every now and then for how much sinning he'll be doing w the 2 of us.



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