Pop Music: Showing Why Fat Girls Can't Have Nice Things

Daniel Merriweather is someone that needs to be blasting from your headphones RIGHT. NOW. His voice is soulful and earnest, and his music harkens back to a time when artists tried to add a sense of perfection to pop music.

Anyone that knows me knows that I (and my co-hort Candace Brooke) love Mark Ronson, mostly because I truly believe that he and the artists that he works with will bring a new era of music to the world.

Music, like fashion, is cyclical. Just like the 80s are running rampant in retail stores all over, the smooth jazz, funk, and R&B of the period from the 1950s to early 90s is slowly emerging - albeit with a new take with synths and sampling.

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One of the really outstanding tracks off his new Album Love & War  (already out in the UK, no word yet on when America will get hip to music that isn't synthesized auto-tune) is a duet with Adele, Water and a Flame.

The song is incredibly lovely and absolutely perfect to listen to if you're lovesick/just broke up with someone/obsessed with love songs/good music/have ears. I was so excited about the music video, and when I saw it today, I was sorely disappointed. Apparently Daniel Merriweather and/or his Record Company doesn't think it's possible for a big girl to have a sexually attractive mod boyfriend with a seductive singing voice. Adele has been replaced with a sad, beautiful blonde.

YouTube disabled the embedding on this video, so go watch it here and then come back (Please, I would really appreciate it if you did.)

The video not only left me with a feeling of "WUT," but also ends up being rather disappointing without the visualization of the other vocalist. Maybe it's just me, but a music video with probably the cliche door/wall separating the two ex-lovers would have been prime, or at least better than the emoting model. To be frank, this video wouldn't be half-bad if it wasn't a duet. Which bring me back to my original point of fat-ism in this music video.

I will be frank and let everyone know that I am a judgmental person. I am many times puzzled as to how certain people manage to get laid. Yes, I often walk by people on the sidewalk and see them happily holding hands with their significant other. Sometimes, those people are not cute in any sense of the word. Sometimes, said person looks like a pock-marked version of Sid from Toy Story. Yet, they have managed to find love in this cynical, cruel world. So, why I ask you, can't a girl like Adele (who, though being large, is still very beautiful, and has managed to have a successful career in spite of her size), can't even have a music-video boyfriend? Are big girls destined to always be paired up with greasy guidos?

I really hope that Adele was unable to appear in the video because of scheduling conflicts, and not because she was shut out completely.

ETA: Apparently, YouTube trolls also feel this way. The comments are rife with Adele FAIL comments.

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