Stupid People Should Be Banned From Facebook

An article in Today's Guardian reveals the stupidity of many Facebook/Social Media users. This guy got caught by police because he bragged about it on Facebook.
It's no surprise that almost the entire world airs their life on the internet in one form or another through the internet.

Journalists use it to track down a lead, to get images, to network. Families use it to keep in touch with relatives they haven't seen in decades. Others use it to network and share bits about their lives and interesting information.

And now fugitives (using very bad spelling) use it to reveal their actions and whereabouts.

But the biggest mistake that this person did wasn't that he bragged about living the high life in Mexico, it was friending people all willy-nilly:

Although Sopo's profile was set to private, his list of friends was not. Scoville started combing through it and was surprised to see that one friend listed an affiliation with the justice department. He sent a message requesting a phone call.
What is the lesson to learn here? What can law-abiding citizens learn from this Darwin award winner? Friend people that you actually interact with on a regular basis.

But what really bothers me the most about this is that Maxi Sopo (and people like him) think that it's OK to disregard grammer, spelling, punctuation, and social norms on the internet.

With spectacular lack of caution, and in capital letters just in case anyone should miss the sentiment, on June 21 he wrote: "LIFE IS VERY SIMPLE REALLY!!!! BUT SOME OF US HUMANS MAKE A MESS OF IT ... REMEMBER AM JUST HERE TO HAVE FUN PARTEEEEEEE."

Stay classy Internet.

So, I love Blair Waldorf Leighton Meester probably more than is appropriate. I think she's fabulous, she's got a great body, a nice booty, a great personality, great fashion sense, and the only reason why I continue to watch Gossip Girl.

If it wasn't for Meester, I would have shut off Blake Lively's mumbles a long time ago.

But now, Meester has given me a reason to dislike her just a little bit.
And unfortunately, so has Robin Thicke.

On Tuesday morning, Leighton Meester premiered her new single, "Somebody To Love," featuring the incredibly sexy Robin Thicke. I have to say that I'm incredibly disappointed in the song.

As far as pop songs go, it's pretty forgettable and lackluster.

MUSIC VIDEO: "Life Is Better" - Q-Tip feat. Norah Jones

If you don't already own The Renaissance, you are missing out on one of greatest Hip-Hop albums of the last year. There's a reason why he's still so highly respected among the music and hip-hop community. The album brings you back to when hip-hop was more about the beats than the misogynistic lyrics, and of course, there are great collaborations on the album as well.

Love the video for the song with Norah Jones, it's oddly giggly and romantic, yes?

I came across this hilarious internet comic via, what else, but Twitter. (If you're not already following me, you should - I'm highly amusing). Out of this list of 10 things that everyone should stop tweeting about, I'm guilty of tweeting about at least one or two of them.

10 Things You Need To Stop Tweeting About [@oatmeal]

Here are my thoughts on the list of the 10 reasons:

1) What You Are Eating
I cannot agree even more. Tweets about food and what one is eating I feel contribute to the Babel of Twitter that Daniel Lyons pointed out in his Newsweek Op-Ed [Don't Tweet On Me]

2) Social Media
This is impossible to avoid. People that use twitter are obsessed with social media, to tweet about anything besides that would be like killing Twitter all together.