10 Things Twitter Is Not For

I came across this hilarious internet comic via, what else, but Twitter. (If you're not already following me, you should - I'm highly amusing). Out of this list of 10 things that everyone should stop tweeting about, I'm guilty of tweeting about at least one or two of them.

10 Things You Need To Stop Tweeting About [@oatmeal]

Here are my thoughts on the list of the 10 reasons:

1) What You Are Eating
I cannot agree even more. Tweets about food and what one is eating I feel contribute to the Babel of Twitter that Daniel Lyons pointed out in his Newsweek Op-Ed [Don't Tweet On Me]

2) Social Media
This is impossible to avoid. People that use twitter are obsessed with social media, to tweet about anything besides that would be like killing Twitter all together.

3) The Conference or Event You're At
Ridiculous. Twitter has taken over what Live Blogs used to do. People will always twitter instead of experiencing real life. But I do agree, the majority of the people outside of said event or conference could not give two hoots

4) Twitter Itself
If people didn't tweet about twitter, I would never know what was going on during Twitter blackouts. Then again, how do people get their information through during a Twitter blackout?

5) Your Workout
Disagree. Sometimes you have to share the pain that Jillian Michaels put you through. I know I have, at least twice.

6) Your kids, dog, cat, goat or whatever else
I'm OK with this as long as the most adorable picture in the universe is attached to it.

7) Speaking out of Context
Yes. Yes, and Yes. I've unfollowed many a person because of pointless WTF speaking out of context.

8) Dailybooth Photos
People that do Dailybooth are never people that I would associate in real life. 'Nuff said.

9) Emotional Breakthroughs
Is this the same as inspirational quotes? I do see a good number of those.

10) The Number of followers you have
Yes, your virtual life is validated by the number of twitter followers you have, but actually announcing that it affects your self-esteem is a major twitter faux pas. People judge just as much on the internet as they do in real life.


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