So, I love Blair Waldorf Leighton Meester probably more than is appropriate. I think she's fabulous, she's got a great body, a nice booty, a great personality, great fashion sense, and the only reason why I continue to watch Gossip Girl.

If it wasn't for Meester, I would have shut off Blake Lively's mumbles a long time ago.

But now, Meester has given me a reason to dislike her just a little bit.
And unfortunately, so has Robin Thicke.

On Tuesday morning, Leighton Meester premiered her new single, "Somebody To Love," featuring the incredibly sexy Robin Thicke. I have to say that I'm incredibly disappointed in the song.

As far as pop songs go, it's pretty forgettable and lackluster.

I think Gawker went as far to call it an "Autotune Massacre." That puts it pretty succinctly. I must say, that I'm a bit disappointed in the people behind the production of this album. Another Leighton Meester song, Birthday, leaked to the internet over the summer and it was rock-pop and incredibly catchy. I was hoping that most of the songs on her debut album would sound more like that.

What could have been a winning combination of a pop culture (Leighton) and vocal (Robin) powerhouse, had so much potential. This is probably an album that I won't even bother downloading illegally.


C-Bone said...

This song is effing horrendous. Why would Robin Thicke even agree to do this with her?

Valeria V. said...

Ugh, I. Know. I think I'll end up watching the music video on mute.

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