Purple Dreams

It was probably about five years ago when it suddenly became OK again for men to wear "feminine" colors. It's always been fine in high-end editorials, but now, those colors are finally entering the mainstream.
Personally, I feel like men should wear more off-the-cuff colors. Now, I'm not talking about a full purple suit (unless of course, you are a fictional character named Chuck Bass) but there is nothing wrong with a few select details.

Slumdog Millionaire Director Danny Boyle with Dev Patel, in purple
SRS QUESTION: When did Dev Patel get so attractive?
Model David Gandy showing off how great a pair of pink suspenders can look.
Photographer: Oscar Falk

Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond on Lost working the attractiveness with a burgundy bitty scarf
@ Lost-Media

Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl looking eerily attractive
in a deep purple cardigan and bright yellow pants


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