You Can't Hide

I love how much technology has grown in the past decade. I've been proud of being part of the generation that has grown along with the internet, cell phones, social networking, video games, and just about anything else involving coding of 1's and 0's. But, it gets to a point, where I have to say that the breaks have to be put on the technology train. I think it's time for technology to stop and take a breather for a bit.

Google has just unveiled a new application that basically makes Google Earth and (especially) Google Maps seem like relics just as old as Richard Gere's mobile phone in Pretty Woman. It's called Google Latitude, and comes as a application that can be downloaded onto a mobile device that tells the whole world exactly where you are at any given time. Read more about Google Latitude @ The Wall Street Journal

Google isn't the first company to come up with these GPS tracking devices, (applications like this already exist for the iPhone). But there comes a certain point when Facebook Status updates or Tweets take over and it all becomes a little too Big Brother. Is it absolutely necessary for the world to know that you're getting a Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte at Starbucks? And that it's actually quite tasty? Probably not, but why not let people know what you're thinking? Does the world need to know that you're sipping on said delicious beverage at the Starbucks on the corner of Tremont and Boylston near Chinatown in Boston? I mean .... I don't think it is. Honestly, no one is that important (unless you are a world leader or Angelina Jolie).

Even though there are privacy settings on Google Latitude and similar applications, it all really comes down to the idea that absolute strangers are aware of where you are in the world (and what you're doing via Status updates). Because even if you block the creepy stalker-ex, I'm sure someone in a room somewhere in the Google Headquarters is checking up on you. I'm almost sure.

The American public blew up in such a big way with the passing of The PATRIOT Act a few years back. Isn't GPS-Locator applications like Google Latitude and Loopt, just watered down versions of tracking devices that any old creeper in the world can use?

I don't think I'll be jumping on this "Find-Me-On-A-Map" Bandwagon, I'm perfectly fine with my mundane Twitter updates and Facebook.


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